A moment of forced transition, due to the pandemic, uprooted my 2020 graduating class prematurely. This short story was my final project as an undergraduate student at The Juilliard School. Its inspiration is the desire for home in the midst of a transition to a new stage of life. Before the main character accepts the gift to reimagine their future, they indulge in a moment of reflection and sacred nostalgia.
Realized by Treyden (Director/Actor/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor)

1080p video, 24 fps, 16x9 aspect radio 
GoPro Hero 7
Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 24-105 Prime lens 
Premiere Pro CC 2020
Studying dance since the age of 6, I have been told how to move nearly all of my life. In college, a sincere hatred formed for my craft as I lacked the ability to express myself authentically, confronted with technical and aesthetically driven idealology. This piece released me from my history and allowed ownership of my own movement expression to form. Communicated simply, I didn't need to look beautiful, if I didn't feel beautiful. Aesthetic is only a means for the clarity of communication. I believe to communicate with movement, the truth can be spoken one way in the body. As each body is unique, dance is unique to every individual. And when someone needs to be heard, they must speak honestly, not beautifully.