Through the 100th anniversary of the armistice which ended World War I, we have the chance to revisit history. Rather than simply celebrating the growth we have made since, let us look deeply at what we are capable of. The veterans of World War I are no longer with us; we can no longer hear stories from their mouths. The artwork of those who experienced the times of war is our direct link to the past. Through this performance, using the poetry of Siegfried Sassoon, we can see through the eyes of history. In this merging of mediums, music, spoken word, dance, and video art, you will be immerse in the mind of a war poet who lived our worst nightmare.
Realized by Treyden (Director/Writer/Choreographer/Editor)
Edward Bilous, Director of CIA and Artistic Director of BTM 
William David Fastenow, Director of Performance Technology and Associate Director of BTM
Sumire Hirotsuru, Producer and Manager of Performance Activities 
Nathan Prillaman, Department Coordinator and Sound Supervisor 
Samson Stilwell, Media and Technology Coordinator and Video Editor 
Paul Hudson, Lighting Designer 
Esteban Uribe, Cinematographer 
Attilio Rigotti, Video Editor and FX Designer 
Caleb Wertenbaker, Scenic Designer 
Collin Chudwick, Audiovisual and Interaction Engineer 
Kevin DeYoe, Interactive Technology Designer 
B. Rafidi, Production Stage Manager 
McKenna Warren, Assistant Stage Manager 
Rayne O'Bryant*, Assistant Stage Manager
Eric Swanson, Actor 
John-Henry Crawford, Composer & Musician
Philip Sheegog, Musician
Jared Brown, Dancer 
Sean Lammer, Dancer 
Barry Gans, Dancer 
Dylan Cory, Dancer 
Julian Elia, Dancer
 Javon Jones, Dancer 
Nicolas Noguera, Dancer