Imagine a post-neoliberal world where we risk being painfully honest for the collective progress of our broken democracy. Born in 1998, a product of an American milieu, I awoke to a technological revolution, turning humanity into a rapidly progressive, hyperconnected global society. I believe it essential for cultures and branches of human knowledge to find symbiotic relations during this volatile historical moment of civil and environmental upheaval. My work aims to surface the coalescence of art, science, technology, and faith, integrating mediums of computation, film, A.I., VR/AR, choreography, performance, and the body. With an antidisciplinary practice, I see everything as a potential medium for interrogating historical infrastructures and awakening our participation in the modern technosphere. We can no longer passively spectate but must expand our awareness of the contact zones between our bodies and cultures, and blur the lines between fiction and documentary. My mission is to discover novel healing narrative architectures and democratic interactive performance spaces encouraging difficult conversations around perspective, responsibility, and relationships between human and nonhuman entities. I work to interrogate the borders between disciplines, the body and mind, and ancient and new technology to speculate anti-colonial and post-anthropocentric futures. Colleagues say I am a storyteller, but I believe I am also a story listener. Acknowledging every individual’s desire to express, be heard, and belong, I see my audience not as consumers but as my collaborators.

Improvisation is an essential tool for me to capture the miracle of being alive in a creative process. I strive not to pass judgment on my subjects but witness the beautifully paradoxical truth of the world and facilitate unrepeatable organic outcomes. The inherent mystery of our true story involves quantum mechanics, general relativity, and our dream’s infinite possibility. We exist in between the abstract and the concrete. I work as an artist, not to serve my identity, but serve God (or truth); however one defines it.

I believe that art is a way of living honestly and with infinite curiosity. It is an ability to admire both the micro and cosmic, to hold opposition as a catalyst for inspiration. Art is not a noun, but a verb. It is inherently tied with our politics, values, behaviors, and the inequitable systems we have designed. We are all performers, and we are each in control of the genius of our artistic experience. As the artificial fences tremble between race, gender, species, nation, human and nonhuman, objective and subjective, the waters are rising. We are in a critical state of learning to steer strata, to heal multidimensional stories of genealogical trauma, and balance our multicultural superstructure. At the core of my work, I investigate the physical and psychological processes of how we learn, how we love, and receive love. I hope to build stories and spaces that facilitate functional conflict to progress a ubiquitously purposeful coexistence. Our individual growth is moving toward answering the shared eternal question, what does it mean to be human? And how do we live together? Each of us needs to heal for the sake of one another. I believe our cures live in our risk, to be honest, and in the depth of our curiosity. The day will come where we will own our humanity with grace and humility.