The recent earthquakes in southeast Turkey, near the Syrian border, resulted in a collective trauma with thousands of loss of life and injuries. Amongst the debris and devastation, 5.4 million children are heroically discovering paths to hope within the rubble of their environments. After losing their homes and families, and now living in temporary shelters, these children need urgent humanitarian support.

Schools and parks are no longer in service, prohibiting children from being in each other's company and playing together. This project focuses on the children impacted by the earthquake, aiming to illuminate a path of hope to healing through the inspiration of playing games together. We provide an assembly kit consisting of a multiplayer (2-player) interactive indoor/outdoor game to children between 10-12 years old within one of the temporary tent cities, 12 Subat Stadium in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, between 02/02/06 - 01/07/06.

This accessible game kit includes a steppable joystick, an electronic microcontroller, and a digital software game for smartphones/ computers. A workshop team of 2-3 will teach children how to assemble the joystick, use the microcontroller, and play the game. The software incorporates several game types: color-matching, pattern-finding, and memory games. The electronics are packaged in a joystick that invites creative alternative usages; one can use their foot or hands to interact with the software. The workshop culminates in leading children to create their own two-player games with the joystick we provide.
Realized by Treyden & Selin Dursun