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Our relationships shape our identities. Drawing inspiration from Adlerian Psychology which states: All problems are interpersonal relationship problems Enact helps you role-play difficult conversations with your friend, augmented by AI.
At a time when technology is reducing our courage to speak with each other, we must relearn how to share personal issues. The first people we turn to in a crisis are our freinds, not our therapists.
Many, if not all, of our challenges, stem from the intricate web of interpersonal dynamics. Our approach to this problem respects Autopoiesis (the biological human capacity for self-creation) in combination with Experience-Based Learning (how real-life interactions enable growth) to empower everybody to act as they intend through challenging circumstances.
We are taking an interdisciplinary approach combining notions from philosophy, research from neuroscience and psychology, and methods from acting and enactivism to give you the tools to act like yourself, even when you don't know what to do.
We all have conversations we are reluctant to have - what is yours?
Realized by Treyden & Dünya Baradari