This promotional video and photo book was part of a fundraising campaign for my Juilliard 2020 dance class's Senior Production performance. Through the pandemic's termination of our final performances, our bonds have grown indestructible. As a class we created the slogan, "Create your vision, See your vision, Be your vision.". We wanted to liberate ourselves and others from a prescribed path, acknowledging diversity as the strength of our community. Covid-19 has presented our globe with a harrowing challenge, putting our fundamental resources in question, opening our eyes to the fragility of our kind, and revealing the inequality of our social systems. My class's mission was to expose new roads for the next generation of artists. This mission is pivotal in our society's transition to a post-pandemic world. As part of the class that never said goodbye, I am prepared to sacrifice anything for these beautiful people. Our vision is clear. I am confident we will persevere and become our vision.
 Treyden (Director/Cinematographer/Photographer/Editor)
Alexander Sargent, additional editing
Paul Hudson, Video Lighting Designer
B. Rafidi, Stage/Production Manager
Lua Mayenco Cardenal
Alexander Nickolai Sargent
Sarah Pippin
Nathan Hirschaut
Nina Peng
Nicolas Hudson Noguera
Michael "Mikey" Garcia
Taylor Massa
Naya Lovell
Dylan Reid Croy
Barry Mitchell Gans
Libby Faber
Matilda Mackey
Kalyn Berg
Noah Wang
John Hewitt
Kayla Schutz
Jared D. Brown
1080p video, 24 fps
Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6k
2x Canon EOS c300 Mark II
Rokinon Cine DS Lenses 24mm, 50mm, 85mm
Canon EF 24-105 Prime
Premiere Pro CC 2020