AMERICAN a.i. -  explores the American Dream and what prompts moral exclusion. I was interested in the cognitive mechanisms underlying our inclination to view some Americans as ‘us’ and some Americans as ‘other’. We examined how artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks can help us to reimagine cognitive biases and bridge divides among Americans. In the midst of the digital revolution, it has become possible to record a person's location, internet activity, private conversations, with digital surveillance. Leaders in the private and public sectors collaborate in order to codify the regulations for the purposes in which data is ethically owned and analyzed. This piece explores whether A.I. can increase understanding and connection, rather than exploiting social and political divides. 
Using survey responses gathered from a diverse community and the live audience, we built the database for our neural network programs to generate the visuals and dialogue with machine learning in real time for this experience. This piece was aimed at challenging the audience to suspend inherent biases and actively reimagine what it means to be American.
Realized by Treyden (Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Choreographer/Editor/A.I. designer, technologist)
Katie Jenkins, Composer
Anna Drifter, Set Designer

Edward Bilous, Director of CIA and Artistic Director of BTM 
William David Fastenow, Director of Performance Technology and Associate Director of BTM
B. Rafidi, Manager of Performance Activities and Production Stage Manager 
Nathan Prillaman, Department Coordinator and Sound Supervisor 
Samson Stilwell, Media and Technology Coordinator and Video Editor 
Nancy Dionne, Cinematographer
Paul Hudson, Lighting Designer 
Attilio Rigotti, Video Editor and FX Designer 
Caleb Wertenbaker, Scenic Designer 
Collin Chudwick, Audiovisual and Interaction Engineer 
Kevin DeYoe, Interactive Technology Designer 
McKenna Warren, Assistant Stage Manager 
Rayne O'Bryant, Assistant Stage Manager
Tabby Rhee, Musician
Emily Mantone, Musicain
David Bender, Musician
Cameren Williams, Musician
Devin Moore, Musician
Xingyu Li, Musician
Dylan Croy, Dancer
Alex Haskins, Dancer
MJ Edwards, Dancer
Lua Mayenco, Dancer
Jared Brown, Dancer
Taylor Labruzzo, Dancer
Peter Farrow, Dancer
What does America look like?
All images submitted by survey participants and processed with generative A.I.